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led astray

January 2013

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up again

Feeling better yesterday and today.  Paper funk must be wearing off.  I have made a list of Things To Do this weekend, including cleaning, laundry, and taking myself on a date.  The movie we wanted to see doesn't start until next weekend though (Drag Me to Hell).

My floor is covered in a layer of plant sperm (pollen).

Not going to Caldaria this event.  I was debating going, but then I got a signal from the universe (by way of Webs having Misty Alpaca closeouts) to stay home and actually work on my graduation reward.  And there is still a ton of fluff to spin up.  Living room looks like it was never cleaned.  I think that's the first thing on the list.

Used meat soap.  It works.  hehehe



Meat Soap

We vegetarians will have to come up with some sort of meat substitute so that we can enjoy all the benefits of meat soap without the meat. Soy protein soap, anyone?

Re: Meat Soap

It's not the protein, but the fat. There are totally vegan soaps, I've even made some. Check out www.lush.com for some fantastic (if pricey) vegan bath products.

But! Soy silk is a really neat fiber that is made from the byproducts of tofu production that feels a lot like silk (hence the name). I have some of that in a blend I'm spinning up now.

I had the rare opportunity to try a mushroom based vegan fake turkey. I like mushrooms. I like turkey. That necromantic log tasted like neither. Blech!


Re: Meat Soap

Just to be clear, I wasn't judging your meat soap, just thinking that fake-meat soap would be funny. I'm a non-judgmental vegetarian who ate meat for most of my life. But since I've never washed my hands with meat soap, perhaps it wouldn't be hypocritical of me to judge your soap. So I take that back. Your soap is going to hell! Wait, it's not the soap's fault. And I'm meaty, so maybe I'll go to hell. I hope I'm funny, too, because people might judge me for trying to be funny when I'm not. I should just stop typ

Re: Meat Soap

Your talk of hellfire and damnation amuses me. Reminds me of some of my family.

Maybe you washed your hands with meat soap and never even knew it! :-P

*psssst! Is this someone I know, or a random lj person? If you know me, you know I can't not ask, and if you don't know me, you just learned.*

Re: Meat Soap

I once had a fish named Random, but I don't think of myself as a random person. I finally opened an account, so I'll be practice less anonymosity.
::grumblemumblepityparty:: I was hoping to see you this weekend. Curse you, Webs!
I was wavering before the Webs sale. I just went through an emotional rollercoaster and I could really use the break to do some nesting and knitting. I miss my Caldaria friends though. It's been too long!

I have Thursdays off. Maybe some Wednesday after work I'll come up and spend the night and we can hang! I got the package from Webs (they are getting much better about getting things shipped quickly) and it is delicious. And we haven't had a fiber fun day in ages.
Ooooh. That might be a possibility! And we have a fab and comfy new couch - much better than an on-the-floor rig. It's almost as comfy as our bed. So nice. :) And Boo would have her very first sleepover!