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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

why teh mehs?

Ok, I have been feeling like crap mentally/emotionally since Friday morning.  Woke up and felt like I was off my meds.  It's gotten better over the weekend, with much help and snugs from sylvan and diagonti.  There were tears and panic attacks.  But I finished my paper and got it in on time.  I'm done with my degree (except maybe to do some official paperwork).  Is this the stuff I ignored to get my paper done?  Yuck!  Icky bad feelings.  Suck. 

I underpacked for Legends at night.  Yeeeeeah, it was chilly.  Sleep was hard to come by.  And I think I might be allergic to some plant or pollen or something at the Legends site.  Every time I go I get a bad headache for a couple days.  :-/   The event was pretty cool.  There were some awesome moments and some ohfuck moments.  One of these days I'll get more decorations and stuff to do up my cabin, and space to carry it with me.  Someday.

Tonight I'm watching Lost and spinning.


It was really freakin' cold for the last couple of nights, I know that always made me get the sniffles and ick at NERO.

Maybe the ickybad feelings are just residual and now that you don't have to stress yourself to the max, your body is just trying to process it? Does that make sense? aaaand HUG!
Maybe the transitional mehs? Graduation is some might big change on the horizon.