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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


Had another interesting moment at work today.  I nearly shoulder checked some guy on his way out of the bathroom.  I said excuse me and sorry, as it was mostly my fault.  He put his hand on my back as if to steady me from a fall that wasn't comming and said something along the lines of careful, hun.  Now, sometimes I think sexism is funny.  I know, bad feminist.  But I had never actually encountered being called 'hun' by a peer whose name I don't even know, and he is not old enough to be of the generation I'm willing to overlook such things.  So, me, Sledgehammer, called him on it on the spot.  "Hun?!  Sure thing, Doll!  Here lemme get the door for you!"  It came out of my mouth in a thick Boston accent before I knew what was happening, and I held the door open for him.  We went our seperate ways.  But this is someone I see daily at work, and I think he's management.  And who the heck knows if these guys have senses of humor when they're called out for being dipshits?

But enough procrastination.  Shower, then paper.

(I did not edit my bad grammar.  I know it's there.  Drives you crazy, though, doesn't it?)

I had dinner and a shower and finished Pericles.  The other play suggested by my prof was The Tempest, and I don't have a copy of that.  Scarn does and said he'd happily lend it.  I'll get it tomorrow.

Got fiber on the way.  And promised myself the yarn and drive to make  this for myself!