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led astray

January 2013

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Monday morning after LARP is not always my favorite time.  I had a killer migrane that started Saturday evening, waxed and waned through Sunday, and lingered to wake me up at 5 this morning.  Yikes!  I got up and took Excedrine (containe caffeine) and I feel somewhat better.  I'll br bringing it to work with me. 

Things I'm proud of (from Legends):
- I made a crude joke with a straight face after pretending not to be amused and not speaking for nearly an hour, to great comic effect
- after the event, I was told that a player returning after several years had been warned by 3 different people at different times that my character is scary (I try to cultivate an air of mystery as her)
- I stood up to a barrage of attacks from a racial elder against my ideas and made it clear that I gave her oppinion little clout...without being disrespectful
- a new player said to me IG: "For as quiet as you are, you seem to know a lot of what's going on around here.  What's happeneing to ____."
- if I had been feeling up to it, I would have been invited to 2 more modules Saturday night, even though I was tapped skill-wise

I am feeling good about the Spring.  There are lots of things I want to do.  I have things to write, people to visit, events to attend.  I'm feeling pretty ok about the world in general.  I have amazing friends, a loving cat, a warm home, a decent job, and a beautiful city to enjoy.  My sister is going to come visit me this Summer, and I'm realy excited to show her around.  I'm getting used to my haircut and figuring out how to make it look nice.  Things are getting to be ok, and are moving into good.  I like this.


hey lady. i'm glad to hear that you had a good weekend. i was thinking of you friday night. i met a lovely bunch of larping folks and it made me wonder if you were off having fun. apparently so. i hope your head is nicer to you soon!
Sounds good!