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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

time wasting post

I am posting because I am famished and the pizza isn't here yet.  Need distraction. 

Pet peeve remedy: if you're going to be late or aren't going to show, give a girl a call so she doesn't wait for yo' ass when she could be doing something else.

Tink might be the most adorable animal ever.  I could be wrong, but you'd have to convince me.

Amusing work anecdote: One of the upper management is a jovial fellow called Steve.  Today I had to sit in the deveoplment room away from my normal seating in the mail room.  Just for clarification purposes.  I had my headphones on as per usual.  Steve "sneaks" in the door towards me, looking devious.  ( Picture a kid with a hall pass sneaking into his friend's detention. )  I see him and remove a headphone.  Steve continues to "sneak" towards me.  He leans over as though to tell me a secret, and the conversation went thusly.

Steve: Are you in trouble that you're sitting back here?
me: Yeah.  I got put in the dunce room.
Steve:  *snicker* What did you do?
me: I was mouthing off!
Steve: *snicker*
me:  Not really.  The seats were taken when I got in.
Steve: I figured.  *leaves*

Hoyce is pretty convinced that Steve is not the upper management person responsible for banning my tatoo.  I'm inclined to concur.

My sister emailed me a long letter to look like she was working at work.  I miss her.  We're close enough in age that we can hang.  She just lives in frikking Florida.

This distraction is losing its glossy veneer.  Step 2: Magners


I fully support the use of Step 2. I am currently using Original Sin for that purpose.