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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


I feel bad for new people training thier first Saturday afternoon with me upstairs. Saturday afternoon on Newbury Street,a week after school gets back in session is an ugly thing. There are a lot of people. They have a lot of questions And these are (mostly) the kind of people who expect you to kiss thier ass like it's the sparklyest damn thing you've seen all day (because if you have to work, they are obviously better than you). Now, I have been there over a year, and know most of the answers to the questions they ask. And as many compliments as my boss showers on me, and no matter how impressed the newbies are with my speed and vast tea knowledge, I can only kiss one, maybe two asses at a time. And if that ass decides it wants the deluxe, I don't care how many people are forming a line behind me, 15 minute long smacker, well, the new people kinda get stuck. And I try to keep the new people going, help them out whenever I can. I swear the girl I was training today was starting to hyperventilate, so I took her off the register, so at least she didn't have to deal with any more people directly for a while. Poor girl. She was really doing a good job, but it's so overwhelming sometimes how demanding people in large masses can be and how little patience they have.

Please. Whoever reads this, be nice to the next couple retail or food service workers you interact with. Smile at them and tell them to take thier time. And tip them. Even just a nickle to show you care what a shitty day they are having, because with rare exception, if they have that job, they are not having a good time.



Here here! I firmly believe that everyone in America, no matter their social-economic status, should be made to work a YEAR (including the dreaded "Holiday Season") in retail/food service. That way, they understand what it's like and will never treat retail workers poorly out of respect having done the job, or out of fear that someone will ask "So...when's YOUR year in retail?" with an evil, plotting grin...

I work for the company that holds the #1 position in retail service in the country. It gets crazy and demanding during the holidays. But honestly, the customer base at B&N is no where near as bad (read: demanding and disrespectful) as it was at the health food store!! You'd think that people who buy organic and natural foods would be kind and understanding...but were mostly hippie-turned-yuppie-turned-hippie-again types.

Boy, can I sympathize with you!!

Re: **hug!!**


But your plan would make people with money almost our...equals! We can't go destroying the socio-economic structure of the entire country!

And try as I might, I find that empathy cannot be taught.

Yeah, the clientel at the Newbury Street tea shop is way nicer than when I worked at McDonald's.


after working four months in Borders' Cafe, I always tip baristas if I can, because I know how hard their job is.

I have always tried to respect retail workers. I try not to see them as mindless drones standing in between me and my purchase, but as tired people who have a crappy job and deserve love - as I have so often been.

I also try really hard not to patronize retail establishments on days when they ought to be closed - 4th of July, New Year's day, etc.