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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


I am getting really tired of the weekend job. I know, it's really neat that I work someplace where I get all the tea I can drink, and the people are pretty cool, my boss is great and appreciative and flexible and all the cool things people wish thier bosses would be. But damn i'm tired of not having my weekends. I'm tired of doing the crappy running job, being on my feet all day, and pretending to like rich bitches and tourists all day (even though it's only for a couple minutes at a clip, there are a lot of them). I have been talking to my other boss about picking up evenings there. I would have to be at school for 12 hours, 4 days a week, but I would get all my homework done with little to no distraction, and then have Friday-Sunday off, and get2.50 more an hour to do a lot less work!!! Sadly, barring any unforseen circumstances, it can't happen till next semester, and there's a girl there with more seniority than me who wants it too. But the boss says I do the job better than she does, but in the same breath told me she gets first pick because she has seniority. *sigh* I am hoping I get residency. I went to have all my stuff notarized yesterday so I could drop it off, and long story short, I got the run-around and have to wait till Monday. *more sighing* Now it's time for work. crapcrapcrap