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led astray

January 2013

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people are strange beings

I don't understand people.  I mean, I kinda do, but I really don't.  I know that everyone is different and thinks differently.  There are things people do and say that I cannot figure out.  I try, believe me, I try.  I'm sure there are things I do that people can't figure out.  But I do what I can to base my action in logic, or figure out the why of the what in my day to day.  I don't know that other people spend as much time attempting to justify their activities, or base their actions on things they percieve to follow from contemplation.  If you ask me why I do something, I can give a reasonable account of the thought process behind it.  Maybe I'm being concieted, but I don't think many people could do the same.  People just don't pay that much attention to what they're actually doing, what their motivations are.  It doesn't make sense to me.  There are particular things and people I mean in particular, but no one who reads this.  So, I think, along with honesty, humanity would be generally a better off species if people would pay more attention to why they do what they do.  Even if I'm wrong, I've thought about it.  Ah, well.  Now it's time for some brain-numbing beer.

I've been given a chore at work.  Chore.  This is a thing that should have been done one at a time, as the files were built.  But no, I have to sift through old files, find the relevent ones, and pick out a couple pieces of information to put on a spreadsheet.  The files are in someone's cubicle and there is not room for another person to work there.  And the hard copy files are not organized quite the same as the spreadsheet.  Joy.  And we're backed up on all my regular duties.  But no, I cannot have any more hours.  I got to the D's today.  Guess what I'll be doing for the rest of my work week.  It's one of those things where I worked all day and I don't feel like I accomplished anything.  Ah, well.  It's a paycheck.


If more people did things with actual intent, I think the world could be a much better place. So few people actually put thought into most of their regular actions. There are some things which are best done without thought, of course, but what you choose to be in your life every day is not one of them.