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led astray

January 2013

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for unseeliequeen!!!

Someone sent me this link to make "my ears vomit."  Thing is, I kinda dig it.  I'm not an Idol watcher, but this needs to be shared.  I think unseeliequeen would get the biggest kick out of this, but some others may like it as well.  It's a very different rendition of Cash's Ring of Fire.



great. now i have a new crush. on a gay guy. a very talented gay guy.

actually he really just makes me want to dance with him. that'd be fun.
The version he's doing a cover of is much better than his version; so if you liked his, you definitely want to check the original out. I'll see if I can dig it up. My buddy strandom plays it on his radio show.

It's a live performance, but there ya go.
I think I like the Idol version better. *shrug*
Aha. The one I found on YouTube wasn't quite right - it's these guys: http://www.universalhallpass.com/sounds.html

But yah. To each his own. I tend not to like Adam Lambert Bruce Dickenson'ing his way through things, but I like that he's always uniquely him nonetheless.
I...uh...my ears are confused.
Part of me really likes it, and the other part of me can't get over the fact that he's a near spitting image of an ex-boyfriend...who's dead. O_o

I feel like he should be singing that in drag. It's definitely saucy and sultry. Ben would probably lance his eardrums if he heard this though, being a huge Cash fan and all!
lol Hoyce might give up his 'no hitting girls' rule momentarily when he hears it. He's also a Cash fan.
I kind of liked it
This guy should be drawn and quartered for this atrocity.