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led astray

January 2013

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make up day

When balance fails, some force in the universe tries to make it right again.  I've been having a fantastic year, and in particulat this last month has been amazing.  Today I pay for it.  I woke up at 5am with an icepick driven through the top of my skull.  It hurt too much to stand up and get Excedrine until 6.  Back to bed until 7:45, no improvement.  Hoyce confessed to the icepicking and apologised.  Offered me perscription pain meds from the girl who got hit by the same car as him for cracked vertabrae.  Lay back down until 9:15.  Little improvement.  Have to get ready for shrinkage.  Shower.  Dizziness and shaking from caffeine in both my daily vitamin and excedrine, and perscription pain med.  The plan was to walk to therapy and work on my physical health on the way to work on my mental health.  Plan aborted.  Sweet roommate (the other one) agrees to drive me in.  Need to get old-ca food for Tink, who is an old cat.  I'm going dancing tonight.  I don't care if I have to take some of Hoyce's pain meds to do it.  Oh, and because I'm going dancing, I'm broken out like it's School Picture Day.  *sigh*  I made good time on the top yesterday, but my plan to take myself on a date to see Watchmen will have to wait for another day if I want it done by the time I get home.  Ran into a difficulty: can't find my box of safety pins.  Don't have enough hands to hold the pieces together for primitive sizing.  And while I lovelovelove using good yarn, the one I'm working on now (out of 4) is sock yarn, and therefore taking it's sweet ass time getting knit up.  Once that piece is finished though, the rest will fly with heavy worsted and worsted left to go.  I hope it comes out looking as awesome irl as it does in my head.  Hopefuly annabella will help with my hair and makeup tonight.  Added Road Warrior and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome to my netflix instant queue to watch while I knit for inspiration today.  Despite the inherent suckitude of the Day So Far, I'm in good spirits and excited to go out tonight and to knit and finish my top.  The club will be dark, and I hopehopehope this fucking headache dissapears with alacrity. 

On a side note, I just noticed that I got chocolate on my laptop last night.  lol  My shit is all apart today.

*edited to add: found box of safety pins.  Now I can't find my darning needles.  *sigh*


Duly sending head-not-hurting vibes!