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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


I woke up early today.  Got lots of rest yesterday.  Feeling much better today.  I pestered Hoyce out of bed and now we're being "social'.  That means he's on his computer in his room, and i'm o my laptop in his room.  I'm going to get him to take a walk with me because it's gorgeous out today and I need bottoms to go clubbing in and Urban Renewals is not far from here.  He said he'll go as long as we also go to the comic book store.  I can't think of any aruments against that.  I had coffee this morning for the first time in months.  Now I'm sweaty.  Direct correlation.  Yuck.  I'm pretty stoked about the weather being nice.  I want to go walking, but I also need to do laundry and straighten up my room like I was going to do yesterday but I'm supposed to go to Watertown for B-movie day.  So of course I'm wasting time typing about what I need to do instead of getting up and doing it.  :-P


Did you ever read "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron?

Writing before tackling the day is NEVER a waste of time, espeically if you're sorting things out.
I started it when I was in the hospital, but then I got out and got a job and quickly let it go. I've recently been thinking about picking it up again though. Scarn got me a version that has 2 follow-up books included. It's massive.