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led astray

January 2013

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It's what I got today.  This is the first day since new med that I have felt like dog shit dragged accross the lawn.  Limp, tired, weary.  I guess it's my body resting after being a good body and with lots of help defeating nasty UTI.  Good body.  Deserving of scritches.  I got offline so I could get something done.  I managed...a nap.  Well, and I finished the shrug.  It needs a little sizing adjustment, but it's wearable as is.  No one to take pictures of it on me and off it looks like a folded tablecloth.  I was looking over patterns for knitted dresses and getting ideas for what to create, but then I got smacked with the GUHs.  Maybe it 's an old habit.  The habit of being lazy from years of depression.  Fuck.  No wonder I never got anything done like this.  But now my mind is annoyed that body isn't cooperating.  There are things to do and I'd rather be doing them than napping. 

On the up though, Hoyce's boss asked him for my resume.  That would mean fulltime work, which means fulltime pay.  Now that is sweetness to my ears. Cross fingers and toes.  I've already met the team he works with and I can get on with them.  My bizarre mood spike today has me nervous about the job, but I think that's just a today thing.  Definitely need to get those new work pants over to angel_heart to hem.  *bats eyes prettily*

Ok.  Nothing to panic about.  My body is just resting after fighting off the infection.  This is normal.  Meds are still working.  I'm going to be fine.  Tomorrow i'm going to be silly during the day and watch bad movies with friends and tomorrow night I goth it up to go dancing with that pretty girl.  I'll be up and having fun and Sunday I'll be sore but will have more energy and get more stuff done (like laundry, dear gods!).  This is just a blip.  It's ok to have one day in a month of feeling like poo.  I've been laying low on caffeine because of the infection, but maybe it's time to break out some tea.  Must get room walkable tonight so annabelle and her friends won't fall and break their necks while we goth up tomorrow.  Must MOTIVATE!!!!!   *in Irish accent* Aw, fer fuck saaake!  Get off yer arse!


Woot on the job prospects. Fingers and toes are definitely crossed on your behalf!
*hugs* just drop them by whenever. Hems are easy. All I need is the measurement of your inseam (crotch to floor without shoes) and the side seam (waistband to floor without shoes).

Yup. One down day after being sick for a week is not something to worry about.

Thinking of Tommy from Death to Smoochie, "Congrats on the bump." Hope it works out!