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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

a funny thing happened on the way to the game

The setting: small Boston neighborhood on a side street.  Several spaces have been shoveled out and had objects set in them to reserve it for those who did the digging.  To avoid hitting a foreign object, this one in particular in the form of a trash can, the nice lady driving the car pulled up along the curb close to, but not blocking a driveway.  Hoyce goes upstairs to collect his gaming supplies and yours truly.  We go to the car, which is still running to provide those waiting for us with warmth.  And because we were only stopping for a moment.  As we get to the car, a large SUV/van looking vehicle pulls up next to us intent on getting into the afore mentioned close driveway.  He honks.  Several times.  Hoyce makes motions for him to hold on a moment so he can remove the trash can blocking forward movement, as the van was blocking exit.  I feel the car shake.  I hear an exchange from the other passengers and the driver, "Did he just hit my car?"  "Yes, he did."  The man, who seemed enraged that we were so near his driveway tried to cut into it around us.  And missed.  But rather than backing up when he paused and realised his angle was incorrect, he gunned it and scraped his SUV along the side of the car causing scraches to both vehicles.  Irate, he gets out of the car ready to give us what-for.  But then the car empties, saving only myself.  The driver emerges, overshadowed by the other occupants.  There stand Hoyce and Dick, like grizzly bear prison guards, arms folded, and Tim, the trained attack pit bull talking flatly to the man.  His demeaner changed immediately.  He seemed to only know a few words of English.  We're not sure how true that is.  Tim asked for his insurance information.  The man went into a grand speech about how he had honked and we were to have moved.  But we didn't move because of the trashcan in front of us.  And the quote of the night, "I'm aware that you honked.  That doesn't give you the right to crash into us."  They eventually exchanged information and we made our merry way to game.  There was pizza and fries and cake for a couple early birthdays.  It was a fighty adventure, so I knit and my character hid a lot and missed a lot.  Towards the end of the evening I was back to severe discomfort lasting from about 10:15 until 1am.  I slept in late today.  Need to do some laundry.  Dishes.  Pay some overdue bills.  The usual.


What an ass. "I honked! So obviously that means the laws of physics no longer apply!"

Glad you and yours came out no worse for wear, though.
It was slow and deliberate ass-hattery. I don't know what that guy's deal was, but he was not about to wait for us to move. We're all safe. We all got a good laugh out of it.
Sometimes it's really nice having burly friends. :-)