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led astray

January 2013

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blah blah

I don't normally post this much, but being home all week has me restless and lonely.  Poor Hoyce.  I've been bugging him to sit with me when he gets home.  Even made him watch commercials (the horror :-P) with me during the TV airing of LotR.

Now for a moment of whining: I don't wanna go outa nd wait for the bus today!  It's fuggin cold!  Here endith the whining.

Girl parts malfunction is on the mend.  Mild discomfort.  Only got up twice last night.  Thanks for the support and juice and stuff.  :-)

Med appointment soon.  Bringing my knitting.  Med intakes are even more annoying than therapy intakes because the med docs don't seem to listen to what I'm telling them.  I had a string of docs perscribing fancy designer new meds that didn't work. It was when I lost my insurance and specifically asked for something old and cheap that I found one that works.  Accident.  So yeah, I'm going to ask for more old stuff that they know works but aren't being pushed by big pharma anymore.  That's how I wound up in the financial hole in the first damn place.

blahblah Izzy blahblah get over it blahblah harumph!  hehehe  Boys are dumb.  I'm an awesome girlfriend.  Just ask my exes.  :-P  blahblah


*hugs* i too, am done with winter. and sickness. (granted my health is good just now and i am looking for wood to go knock on.) and yeah. life should be nice. and warm!
Stumbling through old meds was how I found the only med that ever touched my anxiety. Sometimes the older medications work more effectively on we complex PTSD ladies.