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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

up late update

Boss said I can work Friday, so the week isn't a total bust.  I'm going to go in early though and sneak that extra hour in.

My typing skills need improvement.  Or I need to clean my keyboard.  Both?

Friend in a sad way.  Made suggetion.  Too far away to be any real help.  What he really needs is a good cry while being held.  Fuck Pennsylvania for being so far away!  I'm tired, but afraid to go to sleep.  Fear of waking up with an urgent need to piss a few drops.  Med doc tomorrow, first time with this one,  Hour session.  Lots to say.  Hopefully this time he'll have read my file, unlike the last jackass who spelled my name wrong on a scrip for abuseable meds that he didn't even check to see if I should be taking.  Ass.Hat.  Guess I'm still a trifle angry about that.  Heh.

Didn't tryp out play stuff, but the shrug is 80% finished.  Hands didn't get tired.  :-)  But Noro has odd striping patterns such that i have 2 streaks of orange on one side, and none on the other.  And I was experimanting with knitting while mildly inebriated and watching Deadwood.  The basketweave cable pattern turned into spirals.  Um, yeah.  It's hard to see and kinda funny, so I'm going to leave it that way (read as lazy and not wanting to frog and reknit those 10 rows).