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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

home, sick

I am home from work today, as yesterday.  I have a urinary tract infection.  Joy.  It seems to hit me hardest at about 3am.  I drank half a gallon of cranberry juice yesterday, and it eased up as the day went on.  I thought, great, that was easy.  Alas.  I got up at 12:30 to piss.  Mild discomfort.  Eventually fell back asleep.  3am, severe discomfort.  Tried to lay back down.  Bladder found this unacceptable.  Got back up, had a few swallows of water and waited.  Tried to lay back down.  Repeat.  Just before 4 I downed an entire glass of water.  Discomfort back to mild, lay back down, sleep until 6:30.  Mild discomfort.  Scarn is going to bring me more juice this afternoon and some detox tea.  Then I have a med appointment tomorrow at 11:30 that I scheduled in early January, so can only work a half day.  I'm going to ask if i can work Thursday and Friday to make up for today and yesterday.  Fuck.  I had been doing so well.  *le sigh*

On the other side of the coin, my shrug is turning out nicely and quickly.  I have the second disk of Beckett on Film, and time to watch it without fear of driving the roommies insane.  Beckett is strange to me, and I'm theater people.  When my hands get tired of knitting, perhaps this is a good day to start typing out the scraps of longhand begging to be a play.  I have a couple of halfway point knitting pics and i'll take more when it's done and worn.



Bummer about the UTI. Cranberries are your friend, though. Funny how foreign bacteria doesn't like the lowered pH. Mighty convenient for us, though.

The shrug is looking great! :)
Thanks. Yeah, I had visits from 2 cranberry fairies tonight!
:/ good luck hon. those are no walk in the park.
Seriously. I'm trying holistic approach this time. Last time the meds I took every 4 hours for it not only made me vomit every 4 hours, they didn't work.
were the meds antibiotics? are you allergic to them? that sounds like a specific reaction. last time antibiotics made me that sick my doctor took me off of them and gave me something else pronto.
It was I think 7 years ago and I have no idea what it was. I don't normally have a reaction to antibiotics. I went to a different clinic when it didn't go away and they gave me something different that didn't make me sick and worked. *shrug*
I am sending Hoyce back with some homeopathic meds that saved me from my last UTI - hopefully they'll help you get through the night :)
That shrug looks great :)

I discovered what happens when you knit, drink beer, and watch Deadwood all at the same time...basket weave turns into spirals! I'm leaving it though because it's hard to tell and I think it's funnier that way.