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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

drawing: take 2

Last night, in a bizarrely good mood, I decided to draw some more in my little book. The same one that frustrated me so much just the other day. I had a couple images in my head I really wanted to get out. Of course they never look on paper exactly the way they look in my head, but last night, I was willing to accept that and just try my best, take my time, and have 'fun'. I got one down, a red/orange/yellow lightning streak. Kind of cartoony, but not that bad. The other image I had would have required lots more time and supplies than I had. It was white aurora style lines on a blue background. Been done hundreds of times, but really, what hasn't? Then Tammi came up and saw what I was doing and went to get some of her college art supplies that she hasn't touched in years. And she showed me charcoal. I have seen people using it before and seen the great pictures that it can make, but had never touched the stuff myself. I think I like it. It's like pencil, only better. The stuff she has is thin strips of willow, not the pressed powder blocks, (though there were a couple small chunks of that floating around in there that I didn't use). I have decided that I want to try to render in charcoal a picture I have had in my head for a couple weeks now of a particularly touching NERO moment I had (my character and another character curled up in a ball and crying). I understand the magnitude of this task (especially considering the artistic prowess of the other character in question), but I think that having my character do this will help her deal with things that happened to create this scene. It will take many tries and many pieces of paper and lots of patience. Wish me perseverance.


I totally understand.

The things I draw never come out looking like the way I see them in my head. Good luck! Don't stop trying! :D

Re: I totally understand.

Thanks. If any attempt come out ok, i'll show you!

Re: I totally understand.

Sweeet! :D