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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

I had a dream (some TMI)

I had a dream that, in very spryngsnowstorm style, was pretty blatant.  It doesn't take much figuring to decipher the lesson my brain wants me to learn.  And I can see where the brain is comming from.  But I don't want that lesson.  What is the lesson?  Brain says sex is getting in the way of winning my battles.  Sex is distracting me from my goals and I have more important things to do.  And brain is probably right.  And now I have to work on willpower, since the helpful side effect of SSRIs, cheifly to reduce libido, doesn't happen to be a side effect I am experiencing.  Of course.  The real kicker is that it kind of does that, but only when I masturbate (or try to anyway).  When with a partner besides myself, no problem at all.  This is a kink in my plans to date myself.  Me and I have been together for a couple weeks now, and I've only put out once.  I got myself presents, rubbed my feet, watched a chick flick with her, even got her tipsy.  I haven't taken me out on an official date yet.  Maybe that's what I'm missing.  I should actually look over the stagesource free ticket mailing and take me out to a show.  Maybe that'll loosen her up some.


Masturbating on an SSRI is like an intricate dance. It takes a while to learn the moves, but when you do, it'll be awesome.
Yeah. I'm out of practice. Have to build up that hand stamina again. ;-)