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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

weekend plans

Knit, dishes, knit, email, knit, clean room, knit, sleep.  Wake up, knit, therapy, post office, knit, email, knit and movie, food, knit, sleep.  Wake up, laundry, knit at Beth's, Death of the Cool show, sleep.  Wake up, food, paper, paper reward, sleep.

As far as the show, I know it's not the best idea to go see him play.  But I told him I would go, and I have this thing about keeping my word.  I feel like I have this thing hanging over my head that I have to do before I can really let go.  And if I don't do it I'll feel like things went unfinished.  But they are finished.  It's just a thing.  Blame that one on mom, too.  She always made lots of promises, said she would do things or spend time with me and never did, so I made it one of my life improvement things to keep my word unless completely unable through no fault of my own.  And if I am unable to keep it, I make a point to notify whomever I am letting down. 

I've been writing a play.  I've mentioned how I don't do enough braining at work.  Well, new developments have steered my mental wanderlust away from ruminating and into the realm of productive creativity!  Huzzah!  So I have lots of pieces of yellow legal pad of various sizes in my bag with notes for my play.  I have an outline and some dialogue and a couple scene specifics.  It's comming along at a nice pace.  I'll be sure and let people know if it ever gets produced.  :-)


You can keep your promise, go to the show, and still not have to interact with him. Bring yourself out on a hot date to a great show and have fun :)

And woot on writing!