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led astray

January 2013

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Winter feast! (and famine)

I like it when I can pull off being clever.  I like it more when I get a clever streak.  I've hit my stride at Legends with lots of interesting things to do and plot to sort out and mysteries to solve and ect.  There was but one bad part of last night's Winter feast.  I was pulled away from dinner for urgent secret plotty stuff...that took a lot longer than anticipated, and they cleaned up my dinner, put out dessert, and cleaned up from dessert while I was away.  Not clever!  hehehe  I should have brought the food upstairs, but then again, the waitstaff were annoyed that we moved a candle upstairs to read by.  Ah, well.  The event was interesting.  As usual with Legends plot, I got twice as many questions as I did answers.  That's a good thing.  I am involved in so much!  It's great.  And I got an award for best costuming in 2008.  :-D  Many thanks to angel_heart for making so much of my costuming!  (((hugs)))  Then after the feast, someone I have barely spoken to OOG before told me I was beautiful!  *beams*  It was a good night, despite not feasting on the feast.


I've always wanted to try Legends, but never had the time.

p.s. it's Jake, from Sav's party - figured it was about time I said hi.
I really dig Legends. When events conflict, I always pick Legends. They're huge on personal character development and personal plot.