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led astray

January 2013

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oh yeah?

feast or famine

The extremes make their influences known to me in obvious ways.  Feast or famine, abject sorrow or astounding joy.  My time is the latest victim of fateful whimsy.  January I had so much free time as to lack ideas of what to do with it.  I was dating someone, but I think I was too available to him.  That's not really relevant to this.  February I have event after event after plans and my free time has dwindled to scarcity.  While it does amuse me to be too busy to date, I find I sometimes miss the time I wasted last month.  And as my free evenings are during the week, I suppose I'll get time to knit afterall. 

Yesterday was DuGaul's graduation party.  Today is the Legends Winter Feast.  Friday LoJo came up for D's party yesterday and is leaving today.  Monday is Heroes (the only show I schedule around), wednesday is Star Wars tabletop, and the weekend is paper writing and Izzy's show.  I know it does me little good to attend his events as far as a relationship.  He has made it clear that that's not in the cards.  But I said I would go and I want to support him.  And it makes me happy to see him doing what he loves.  I'm a big softie.  There are worse things to be.

In other news and if you haven't heard from me already to this effect, I stumbled on a med that fucking works!  Huzzah!  I feel...good.

And I want more Addi Turbos...I want ALL the Addi Turbos!  They will be mine!  hehehe  (they're specialty knitting needles that are more expensive than I'd like)  I worked on a project that I had put down for a while that had a set of my Addis and remembered how fucking awsome they are to work with and wondered why I put them down in the first place.  Right now I need US7's, maybe 14 in.  *le sigh*


I wish there were an Addi Turbo equivalent in crochet.

How's the dating yourself thing going thus far?

And woot for Du'Gual's graduation :D
It's going well. She got me some yarn that was perfect for what I needed/wanted. Tonight I'm going to rub her feet while we watch Heroes together and cuddle. hehehe
Right the heck on. I want a date that buys me yarn and rubs my feet, too! I'll have to have a me-date this week :)