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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

my new romance

I don't know how to be single.  I haven't had much practice.  But part of my bunny-induced epiphany was that I know I am worth more than a good time, and I don't need a significant other to recognise and otherwise validate this.  I can be sucessfuly single.  Er, which brings me back to point 1, where I don't really know how to do that.   

My proposal: I am going to generate a romantic relationship with myself.  I'm going to take myself out on dates, buy things I think would make me smile (I might even wrap them and leave them on my pillow), and endeavor to masturbate more frequently.  My thinking is that in order to redirect the energy and consideration I normally give to a significant other, I will put myself in the place of the SO, thereby giving that care back to myself.

I would like to shift the blame for this kind of logic bypass onto the females who 1) spat me from her crotch, and 2) harassed me unti I was old enough to tell them to fuck off.  Nothing I ever did was good enough, but not trying wasn unacceptable.  The constant desire for approval coupled with the near inability to recieve it has led me to both give up on many things if I couldn't do them right the first time, and to lend bullish tenacity to fruitless endeavors.

So I rush blindly forward on the theory that I have found a good mate who knows all my secrets, is mostly honest with me, I can't get jealous or envious of, and laughs at all my corny jokes...me.


I think dating yourself is a brilliant plan. :D
Maybe your first Valentine's Day to you gift should be a really awesome, erm, personal...toy. Just saying :D
I thought of that ...after I got muself some Noro Silk Garden to make a shrug with. Maybe an Easter gift. ;-)