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led astray

January 2013

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unauthorized cinnamon! (what it means)

So several people have asked what my status message means.  For your entertainment and curiosity satisfaction, I offer explanation.

It's from the show Deadwood.  There is a character named Jewel who is physically handicapped.  She is kept housed and employed by Al, a hard-ass who has a soft spot for Jewel because they were in an orphanage together.  But to keep from seeming like a softie, he treats her like crap.  Well, Jewel isn't stupid and has her little rebellions from time to time.  In this instance, Jewel was told to put out canned peaches for a town meeting, sort of a tradition.  Well this time she put out some cinnamon because she thought it would go well with the peaches.  One of the other people who workd for Al in a more militant capacity yelled at her and told her she wasn't asked to put it there, and there better not be any fucking unauthorized cinnamon out on the table when he got there.  Well, she put it out anyway because she wanted the meeting to be nice.  Little rebellions to do something good.  Go Jewel!  ... And it turned out that one of the people at the meeting was, unbeknownst to even himself, allergic to cinnamon and almost died.  So even having a proud rebellion to do something nice, she still fucked up.  And that's like my life.  And it amuses the ever-loving dogshit out of me.  So it's kind of a motto I adopted when sometimes I do everything right and for the right reasons, and things still go wrong.  Kind of standard.


but... it's not her fuck-up if neither she nor the allergic person knew he was allergic. That's just life kicking him in the shins!