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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

apartment update

Hoyce went head to head with a car.  It was a draw.  Hoyce has a broken collar bone and scapula, as well as a couple fractured ribs and a fractured (insert name of secondary shin bone here).  He came home today with a big pain scrip and a cane, but good spirits (probably from the scrip). 

Me, well, I have a mattress now and it's cozy.  Have a bit of a sore throat and a spider bite on my leg.  It's decreased in size over the last couple days, so that's good.  Tired as all get out.  Debating staying home for New Years instead of going to NJ for several days because the 3rd roomie will be away and Hoyce might need some help with cooking and the like, and in case anything happens I don't want to leave him alone for that long.  And who knows, I could be overreacting.  But I get all my motherly/nurturing instincts out by taking care of my friends when they're injured.


Please give Hoyce my love!! He's a tough bastard, and I hope he did that car some damage! :(
GAH. Glad to hear he's broken, but not unfixably so. Wow.

At some point, we must find a time in which to bring down your BIG SURPRISE Yule gift. ;) For it is awesome and might help make with the cooking and such.


Every time I hear the details of his injury I cringe. So again, tell the big lug I'm thinking about him and will be sending healing vibes his way.