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led astray

January 2013

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break time

I've been doing pretty well on the current paper.  With 2 whole paragraphs, it is now time for a break.  It doesn't sound like very much, but believe me, the hardest part is behind me.  The research is done, quotes are typed out on another document page to be cut and pasted into the text, and the all important thesis paragraph is done to my satisfaction.  My writing style is such that I agonize over every sentence, so to have enough of them to put together a paragraph takes a good deal of energy.  But that's not what stopped my progress.  It was ants.  Fucking huge, black ants in my room and on my bed!!  Eeeeeeew!  We put down traps and I got all the trash out of my room and vaccumed and mopped DAYS AGO!!  They just seem to be multiplying!  The further logic train station is where I was going to work in there because it has an AC, and the rest of the apartment is hot.  But a reprieve it was not, as the little fuckers invaded my quiet place of solitude and creeped me the fuck out.  I don't want to sleep in there tonight, but I have to work in the morning.  So I am taking a break to spin and watch a DVD to calm back down.  Maybe light some incense.  I will resume paper-writing this evening.  I am willing.


Chili powder can help keep them at bay as well, though I'm not sure if Tink might try licking it up, too.

Here's wishing you an ant-free rest of the week