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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

begin 2 weeks of torment

4 papers
2 weeks
And all she wants to do is knit.  Or spin.  The Dude's sweater is comming along nicely.  I'm being obsessively finicky, but Hoyce sayd it's perfectionist and I should relax about it.  Ok.  So the zig-zags have 5 stitches accross instead of the correct 6.  

It's raining and I don't want to go to work.  I've been eating junk and entering the bloatey phase of PMS, so none of my pants fit.  Meh.  Stomach is being unhappy with me for no discernable reason.  I have several important things to do today, including calling the intake coordinator for the place I'm getting DBT.  Seems they have docs, therapists, and people who do EMDR!  And they take MassHealth, which I have to finish the fucking paperwork for to-fucking-day!!!  Lucky for me they increased the credit limit on my credit card so I could get some meds yesterday. 
Went to doc yesterday, having already decided this would be the last fucking time.  I brought my knitting, as I have yet to wait less than an hour from my appointment time to see the fucker.  I let him know that he gave me a scrip for the wrong dose of Effexor last time and that I had to use refills from the previous scrip at the pharmacy.  His response was less than appologetic.  "Well my sheet says 75.  Oh, I guess maybe that says 150.  The 1 there looks like a 7, so maybe that's where I got 75."  No joke.  He didn't even say sorry.  Then I get to the pharmacy.  I tell you, it's a good thing that, 1) the pharmacist taking the info was busy, and, 2) they know me there, since I'm in all the damn time buying a few days worth of pills.  The fucking doc had written my name wrong!  Madeline.  One of my scripts is a fucking controlled substance, you cock!!  They would have been well within their rights to deny me the meds because you wrote the wrong name, even though my chart was open in front of you with my name TYPED OUT!!  grrrrrrr.....
Hoyce brought me to Target yesterday.  I got a vaccume and some tile floor cleaner (all we had before was wood floor cleaner), a little step stool, and some bleach.  Scarn is comming over later this afternoon to help me do some more room-fu.  New roomie is due soon and I am still using the spare room as LARP storage.


I duly headdesk in your honor with the doc. What a putz. My doc is sometimes airheaded and often late, but he apologizes every time. You think a psych professional might be... oh... self-aware. Guess not.

Duly sending hugs in hopes of helping get through the torment weeks and into times of spinning and knitting and fiber fun :)