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led astray

January 2013

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in which i *don't beg for money

I am broke.  Beyond broke.  And I need help.  I've been applying for 2nd part time jobs, trying to sell shit on my etsy site.  Nothing is happening, and times are getting desperate.  So I am asking for help.  I hate this.  But here goes.

I need money for rent, bills, meds, food, and the like.  If you can spare anything, it is greatly appreciated.  So that I don't feel like I'm begging, I will knit something for you from my stash (meaning I don't have to buy new yarn).  A hat, scarf, fingerless gloves, something to show my appreciation.  Item and color suggestions will be filled as the stash allows.  They will not be based on monetary ammount (but please remember that it costs a couple dollars to mail) (and be reasonable, sweater requests will be ignored). 

If you are interested, contact me via PM or email if you know it to work out details.  

Nah.  Fuck it.  This makes it seem like I haven't been trying.  Well, I have.  I've just been failing.  Fault me for failing until you're blue in the face.  Fuck the I'm not trying bullshit!


I am so totally broke what with being laid off at the end of the month, but I can offer you yarn from my stash?
Only if you don't mind that I'll most likely use it to make things to try to sell in my etsy shop.
That was my thought :D
Post has been edited.
Will send an e-mail. This week is tight, but upcoming paychecks are much less tight.