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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

um, something clever goes here?

I've been knitting.  And looking online for a part time job that won't make me want to stab people.  And knitting.  Ravelry is awsome.

My hands smell like garlic and soy sauce.  Mmmmm...maridated pork chops...

My boyfriend continues to be made of win.  We're going to go see HellBoy this wekend.  :-)  

I.  Need.  Serious.  Organization.  Help.  Srsly.

Went for a good walk last night with Scarn and Hoyce.  Need to do that more.

Been feeling a strange aversion to touch the last few days.  I'm normally pretty open and welcoming of friendly touch.  I love hugs and pets and snuggles.  But the last couple days, any touch from anyone (except Tink) gives me the icky-shivers.  It's been people I know and love touching me in gentle, comforting ways, even a shoulder rub, and I can't stand it.  Their fingers feel plastic to me.  Highly unusual and very discomforting.  I'm really hoping to be over it by the weekend when I go see Gabriel. 


My world is slowly, slowly de-chaosing. I'd say over the next couple weeks, the likelihood of free time in which to help with organization and Etsy shop stuff will continue to increase :)

Yay for walks. They're great things for body, mind, and spirit.

Sorry to hear about the reactions when touched. Any chance there are specific triggers around this time of year?
Not that I can think of. This is totally new.