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led astray

January 2013

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close encounters of the bird kind

I'm not a religious person.  But sometimes the powers that be give us a poke.  Then it is up to us to figure out what we're being poked about.  I'm not in very clear mental space, so I am asking for oppinions.  Any perspective, faith, spirituality, personal stories, or what-have-you this post may inspire, please share it with me.

Birds.  They have been everywhere, increasingly making specticals near me.  In the last week, the following have happened:
I saw a cardinal
a bluejay
a pidgeon flew down the stairs on its way out of the T station I was entering, swooping very near my head
a sparrow glided a few inches past my face with a fully open wingspan and landed next to me
a bird (not sure what kind) swooped a few inches above the windshield of Scarn's windshield while we were stopped at a light
this morning I awoke to a scratching sound at my window and loud cooing.  there was a bird sitting on my A/C staring at me until Tink started to move in

One or two of these events would not catch my attention normally.  But this is an unusual ammount of birdage in my face for a week timespan.  Taken seperately, they all have perfectly normal explainations.  What about all taken together?



I have no idea what this means for you, other than perhaps you may be noticing more birds than usual.

For me, I know without a doubt that when I see birds it's God telling me He loves me, viz.
While each of those birds have different symbolic meaning for myself personally, birds in general tend to be messengers. More often than not, in my experience, they are messengers of love, freedom, or of messages we are not hearing through other messengers.

For me personally, when a bird is carrying a message for me, it's because I'm being oblivious to something else I should be seeing. Birds end up being my spiritual clue-by-four.

Your mileage may, of course, vary.