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led astray

January 2013

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the big day

I slept in...until 7am!  That's a full 2 hours past my normal first alarm.  I almost feel rested.  I was woken up in the night by Tink getting lost and crying.  When I called her, she followed my voice and found mommie, yay, puuuurrrrrrrpuuurrrrrr.  I got up to pee and when I got back to bed I discovered that the night sweats continue despite the removal of blanket and the addition of A/C.  Flipped over the pillow, went back to sleep.  Tink was content with this plan.  

I am currently having some cereal and iced coffee.  My monologue memorization method involves knitting while reciting the lines.  When I can recite them all without looking up from knitting, I will be ready.  I'm 3/4 done.  That way I feel like I'm being doubly productive.  'Cause I am.

I seriously need a room makeover.

The knitting project now is a summer tank.  I had already used 2 balls of the yarn, decided that way wasn't going to work, frogged and started over.  This go-round is working out much better.  Sistahraven is going to help me with a banner for my etsy shop because I have no idea what to do.  And I offered sylvanstargazer a 10% comission from a shirt sale if she will finish the blasted thing for me.  It just needs to be cleaned up with a crochet edge on the armholes and front opening, then woven in ends.  That's all.  But I cannot for the life of me make myself do it and I don't know why.  Maybe today I'll get my camera out and take more pics of stuff I'm knitting/spinning and actually post them up on ravelry.  I joined a community group interested in The Big Lebowski.  It's not just me, no one else can find a pattern for his sweater.  I'm winging it!  Too bad I don't have the skill or patience to write out a pattern to post for the good of all.

So getting photo quality copies made is expensive.  Many thanks to Scarn for helping me out with that.  He's definately on the thanks list when I get my first Oscar.  ;-)

And I accidentally discovered that my favorite author, Mr Gaimen, has a LJ.  He took pictures of baby raccoons in his yard.  Who knew?

I'll post an update later today and let y'all know how it went.