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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

can I trade in a haz?

 Fuckin-A, brain!  You spend an awful lot of time complaining and not much time fixing what's wrong.  I can't wait until the end of July.  You are sooooo getting reprogrammed!  C'mon, DBT!

Gabriel continues to be full of awsome.  

Sylvanstargazer came to visit last night, as did Scarn.  We watched the Dragonlance cartoon.  It was very mediocre.  The attempt to blend 2D and 3D animation just made the whole thing look unpolished and unfinished.  The charachterization was made more cartoonish than in the book, I suppose to make up for the lack of internal monologue time in the medium.  But we spun on our drop spindles and drank Sam Summer and cooed at miss Tink.  It was a pretty good evening.

I have a huge audition tomorrow to be entered into a local talent pool via StageSource.  45 headshots/resumes need to be copied before then.  Oh, and I should probably get on preparing some monologues.  *sigh*  I hope it's not as humid tomorrow, as I would like to wear some make-up to the audition and if it's like today I'll sweat it all off before the bus even gets to me.

Seems my sleep has been wracked with restless dreaming again. 


Break a leg!
And if they prove too stupid to realize your awesomeness, I can break their leg(s)...
No breaking of legs, that's my job. And saying no this time doesn't mean they won't consider me for a part later, so we have to be gracious and nice and above all, not maim them.
(((hug))) Thanks!
I was hoping to hear the Dragonlance cartoon was much better. :P

Break a leg with the audition!
I was, too. It had some good names attached to it. But I guess they figured the market was so small it wasn't worth the extra time and money to raise the quality.