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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

belated, like everything else :-P

Happy Birthday to Revenant!  I know it's late.  That's just how I roll these days. 

Official meds cost for 1 month of everything I need: $500.  Rent: $600.  And I can't really go without either.  So I borrowed more money.  I will be borrowing more soon.  Suck.

Remember the doc with time-issues and no-chart-reading?
Doc: "So, why did you come back here to see me?"
Me: "I'm out of some of my meds and I need perscriptions."
Doc: "Ah.  I see.  *sigh*  What are you on?  I read your chart.  There's not much in there."
Me: "It should be an inch thick, with filess from [places X,Y,and Z]"
Doc: "Maybe there's another file or it got lost or something.  What do you need?"
I could have told him anything.  There was nothing in my chart about what meds I'm on.  I requested a scrip for a controlled substance, an abusable, addictive medication.  And he just nodded and wrote it.  Un-fucking-believeable.  I need to make some calls and get copies of my files from everywhere sent to ME so I can just have them and know what's there and carry it with me.  For fuck sake, people, this is important!!  I also suggested a decrease in one med.  I have good reasons to think this is a good idea.  He didn't ask why.  He didn't offer an oppinion.  He nodded and wrote the scrip.  *boggle*

My boss remains a fucking saint among weasels.

I am not the sum of my bank account.  My personal value and worth as a person does not decrease perportionately with my finances.  (repeat to self until belief is generated)

I have an idea for a play I want to write.  Must write papers first...  Want to spin (fiber).  Still not sleeping well, but a little better with Tink to snuggle.

Big, multi-company audition Tuesday.  Need to prepare monologues and make 45 copies of headshot/resume.  More money.  *sigh*

soon, all television will be broadcast digitally.  Ok.  The government is offering discounts on conversion boxes for antenna-based television sets.  Really?  I can think of other things people still using antenna sets could probably use discounts for.  But television?

I'm really tired of life.  I don't mean that in the depressive ready to die way.  It just never seems to stop being a fucking hassle.  At this point, I think I may have preferred some good old-fashioned serfdom.  Simplicity.

One of these days, when I get some extra money (ha!) I would really like a mattress of some sort.  My foam is worn out and my knees, shoulders, and hips get bruised just from sleeping on basically the floor.

Med adjustment has me tired and wonky.  I'm sure there are more things I could complain about, but I have run out of motivation and energy to do so.


The government is offering discounts on TV because how else are they going to get people to afford the drugs they are going to pump into our minds?

There's *nothing* worth watching on TV that you can't get on video or online, IMO.

I'm a netflix girl!
Ah, the joys of idiot scrip-writers. While it's good that he has flexibility, it's bad that it's blind flexibility.

Your personal worth has absolutely nothing to do with your bank account, you're 100% correct on that. If you are living your days to the fullest as best you can, you will always have a great personal worth. I know it's cliche, but you can't buy the most important things in life.

We're coming into two new-to-us sleeping bags. We'd be happy to donate one of ours to putting beneath your mattress. If nothing else, it'll give an extra inch of padding between you and the floor.
Thanks, but I don't think it will help. I'm going to move the rug under it tonight for that purpose.