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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

med fairy

I need to go see the wizard of Blahz, or the Med Fairy, or someone.  Out of my uppers = verymuch melty goo of brainz and limbz of me.  Fatigue being one of my worst symptoms to begin with, then to be on 2 meds that cause fatigue and one that makes everything stop for sleepyti*yawn* time.  Yeah.  I see doc today after work.  Hope the last experience with him is shaken off by now.  Been back to the night sweats and anxiety dreams.  Yuck.  And paying out of pocket for meds royally sucks stinky toes!  OMFG!!  The pharmacy tech look at me funny.  "You want 5 of each of these?  Is that all?  You sure??"  Yes.  I'm sure.  Now stfu and get them for me.  

On a happier note, I finally got my sweet Tink in the new place!  She was very upset with me for a while and hid under uncle Hoyce's bed, but eventually she came out to explore the place.  When I went to bed and all through the night (I didn't sleep well at all) she was being so cute, kinda like a toddler exploring the World and checking to make sure mom is still there and exploring the World and checking to make sure mom is still there, repeat all night.  I was Base.  I love her so much.  She makes such a difference in my mood and the whole atmosphere of my life. She found her food and her litterbox and is settling right in.  And the poor girl is so itchy, shedding her lusterous winter coat in tufts that waft off her even as she walks.  She got some brushing yesterday and there will be more today.


Yay for getting Tink! :)

Here's hoping med stuff goes well!