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led astray

January 2013

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preparing to launch

Ok.  Finally heard from professors.  Can do make-up work (read as: metric assload of papers) to get remaining credits to graduate!  Huzzah!  Even the nasty bitch-lady is supporting me and being a driving force in the paperwork jungle on my behalf.  Wonders never cease.  And it seems I'll be presented with some departmental award for my high GPA tomorrow night (I will not be attending the ceremony, is waay too much time and effort for a 3 minute speech about how awsome I am).

That is to say, I will be returning to the land of mostly offline for a while while I bury my head in theater research, feminism, and Shakespeare.  *deep breath*

And My first two items are up for sale on my etsy store!  I am severely lacking in pictures...and clean surfaces on which to lay out the items to take more.  But I found the all-important cord I was missing that connects camera to computer.


Yay! That's pretty awesome news. Yay you!

I'd say cookies are in order to celebrate and welcome you guys to your new apartment since I haven't seen it yet. Or something yummy from Athan's. You pick (just not those bar cookies, since even if I wanted to kill you with a heart attack, I don't have the recipe anymore. *chuckle*)
Coo..kies? ... Trying to lose weight. I'm back up at my top weight and my pants don't fit. Can't afford new pants. But thanks anyway.
Yay for make-up work and graduation!

It's your deal, but IMO I'd go to that ceremony. It'd be a nice big pat on the back! You deserve at least 3 min. of awesomeness directed at you.
It doesn't balance out the 6+ hours of travel time and listening to people prattle about other awsome people.
Ooh. That cramps it a bit.
WOOOOOOOOT. :) Yay for supportive profs and graduation!

And yay for Etsy. What's your shop name so I might favorite you?
er, spryngsnowstorm.etsy.com
Some Wear Knits
Duly favorited!


Congrats Hon, you Rock!!

Re: :)

Thanks. Being responsible sucks.