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led astray

January 2013

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oh yeah?

weekend, the first

Spent my first weekend in the new apartment.  And most is well.  There are some things that need fixing in the apartment, like the non-grounded electrical outlets in my room that sparked when I plugged something in, and the cold water in the tub/shower gets excited and finishes turning itself the rest of the way on.  But these are things that will be fixed, and fast.  The landlady is really sweet.  She has just had the worst luck with crappy tenants, and they never bothered to tell her when things needed to be fixed because they were too busy doing heroin or busting open the dryer to steal the quarters.  In fact, I told her about the outlets yesterday, and the electrician will be here tomorrow morning at 8:30.  So huzzah for good landlord!  The new roomie is not crazy.  And even though, like so many of my friends, he leans heavily to the Left, he and Gabriel got along pretty well.  Gabriel even said he thinks he could *gasp* see hanging out with the guy.  Neat.  Having the people close to me geting along makes my life so much easier.

I set up my Etsy account to be able to sell and I'll be posting some things pretty soon in hopes of supplementing my income.

I can't hear the busses go by from here, even with all the windows open.  Fucking sweet!!


Woot on having a good landlady and settling into the new place.

And woot for not crazy, getting along with others roomies :D
Thanks! :-)