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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


I'm in such a strange, liminal place.  So many things happening around me and through me.  I am at a loss for what to do next, and next, and next.  And I have ideas and beginnings and endings of things all out of place.  I'd like to ask y'all for some validation.  Not fishing for compliments.  Just, can I get a "sometimes this life thing really does suck"? 


Sometimes life sucks so horribly that it's impossible to see how any of it will work out or resolve. This is entirely normal, and you are normal for experiencing it and the accompanying emotions.
"sometimes this life thing really does suck"

*banging my fist in protest for you* (especially since your hands are probably still too sore to do it yourself. ;-) )

They're better now. Thanks. (((hug)))


Uhm...yeah, it really does sometimes.
You can't make sense of it, you can't reason with it, you just gotta try and tuck your head, limbs, and what ever other body parts that may be ripped off close to your center and ride the son of bitch out. Sometimes you catch a break. You get to the eye of the friggin storm and you may be able to catch a calm breath. You enjoy those moments, wherever and whenever they maybe, with full knowledge that its just a respite so you can be ready when the bastard comes for you again. But you can make it through, "we" can make it through...
But sometimes...it sucks!

Re: Suckage.

Yeah. Life is a right fucker. (((hug)))
Oh yea, it sucks. Hardcore.

I try to focus on one what's next only at times like this. Dunno if it'll help you though...