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led astray

January 2013

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strangled by red tape

I don't even know where to begin.

I had an appointment Monday to meet my new med doc for an intake.  Ok.  I showed up 5 minutes late.  Oops.  He was still in with a client anyway, so all is well.  I sit.  Another woman comes in.  She wants to see the same doctor.  Her appointment was an hour ago.  Somehow, she gets called in to see him first.  Er, ok.  So I sit.  Half an hour later I get a call from E, who has waited outside in the car for me, unbeknownst to me.  I hassle the secretary.  There's nothing we can do, sorry.  Ok.  Another 10 minutes goes by.  Resisting the urge to break something, I hassle them again.  He runs late sometimes.  You can choose to wait or to reschedule, but you will get seen if you wait.  Very angry by now, I try the door to the inner offices.  It should be locked.  It wasn't.  I strolled to the doc's door and knocked, ignoring the "in session, do not disturb" sign on the door.  He said to come in.  I stuck my head in and expressed my displeasure at being made to wait so long and slammed the door back shut.  I went back to the waiting room.  The secretaries haven't noticed.  Idiots.  A few minutes later, the doc and the patient emerge and he signals to me.  Just inside the illicitly opened door is a woman I assume to be an office manager.  A confrontation about my behavior and HIPA violations.  I again express my annoyance.  She denies the door was unlocked and asserts that I must have caught it when a clinician went in because there was one in the hall.  Bullshit, but anyway.  The doctor has a hectic and full caseload and runs a little late sometimes and I should wait patiently because I was late anyway.  I tell her, with the doc standing right there, that if he can't handle his caseload, perhaps he should trim it down a bit.  She says that means I wouldn't get seen.  Thanks me curtly and retreats back to her office.  Doc and I go to his office.  I am so angry I am tearing up with rage.  Pacing.  He explains that I was late and the other girl got there before me so she was seen first.  I negate that, as I was there first.  He says someone must have made a mistake in letting her in first.  No shit.  I finally sit down and he asks me why I'm there.  What do I need to see a doctor for?  Are you kidding me?  That's my chart right there, right?  I sign all these release forms so you have access to all my treatment history, and in the 3 weeks since I made this appointment you haven't even skimmed it???  With fresh tears, I grab my stuff and tell him to use the rest of my appointment time, 10 minutes of an hour appointment by now, and read my fucking chart, I will reschedule.  Here endeth the visit.

I have student health insurance.  It kinda blows.  I have $1800 per term year for perscription coverege.  That means that after copays, they are willing to shell out this much for my meds.  My meds are up to about $500-600 per month now.  I am out of coverage.  I have to borrow $300 from friends to get a couple of my medications.  Suck.  And many blessings upon them.  So I get an application for MassHealth.  Reading over it, I do not qualify for any benefits while on student health insurance.  The student plan expires July 31st.  That leaves me no perscription coverage from now until the end of July, during which time I will need over $1000 worth of meds.  Out of pocket.  Fucking fantastic. 

And then,

My boss is a fucking saint.  His boss is an asshat of neglect, minus spine.  Seems there is a bunch of paperwork for me to do to continue to be on payroll after I am no longer a student, theoretically beginning in June.  This transition needs to happen, oh, by today.  I got the paperwork yesterday.  Filled out what I could and tried to bring it to the woman who does the magic with it.  She's not there and I can't wait because I have an interview for an outpatient DBT group that I refuse to miss or be late for.  This morning I try again.  At 9am, I had just missed her.  She is gone for the rest of the day.  I leave the papers unfinished because I had questions, along with my passport, because homeland fuckery needs her to verify that I am the same person who has been working here for the last 5 years.  Nothing more I can do.  At least I'm already in for this week's hours.

On a brighter note, I got a preliminary verbal acceptance to the DBT group.  Whoot.  And I managed to keep up my strength to hand clean the area rugs with a scrub brush (hands are very sore) and Hoyce and I anticipate sleeping in the new place starting Friday.    My knitting skills continue to improve, and my sister is sending me money instead of visiting, so I'll be able to make June rent.  Huzzah for a member of my blood family being human.  Now I just have to reschedule with the doctor if he agrees to still see me after that, track down the woman to finish my paperwork, and find a way to keep myself on my meds without having to sell a kidney.


/many hugs and purrs

I wish there was more I could do...... *ponders*

We are here for you! Please know that.
Thanks. (((hug))) I may have to eat some humble soon and take jfm3 up on the offer to shoulder an event for me. Mmmmm, escapism.
With the meds - look and see if the manufacturers have "low income" programs. Many of them now offer discounted or free medications (ahem, because it makes them look good), which can cut the cost dramatically for the time between student insurance and MassHealth.

Woot on being accepted to the DBT group.

We might be able to help you financially (how much will depend on the month, but I've usually got some extra out of my SSDI) and we're willing to help however we can in getting you your meds.
I'm planning to go to the health center today and see if someone there can finagle something for me, since they are technically my "primary care".


Congrats on the DBT, and good luck with the paperwork school stuff.
Sending good stuff your way-Sha

Re: cool

there was supposed to be a comma btwn paperwork and school, but its nearly 5 in the morning I'm doped on painkillers so blah...
....but still sending good stuff your way-Sha

Re: cool

In my house (journal), we care not about the form, but about the content. I can't spell and I way overuse commas. No worries. I'm just glad to hear from you, you sneaky LJer you!
Eeeesh, not cool on the Drs. visit. What an asshat. I would look into filing some sort of detailed complaint with a high suthority, if that's even possible. If not, sounds like a new Doc might be in order... :/

Yay for new place, though!