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led astray

January 2013

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so...um, yeah

Hi.  Been a little while.  For those who don't know, I am currently at McLean on the short term unit being treated for depression and anxiety.  I am safe and healthy, relatively speaking.  It's a good experience I think, overall.  Before you ask, what I need from you is to just be yourself.  Just act like you would normally act.  There are people taking care of me and making sure I get the help I need.  I took not just a page, but a whole book at the long ago suggestion of lightrimed and got started with the Artist's Way in addition to starting a "partial" program where they basically teach me how to deal with my shit during the day and I go home to sleep at night.  It's been hard to get to this point, but I am hoping to heal.  Wish me sanity.  I can't knit or play puzzle pirates here, but I can email and read and stuff.  So, yeah.  Hi.  And god night all. 


Wow, I had forgotten recommending "The Artist's Way" to you. That book literally changed my life, even though I think I never got past week 4 (where they ask you to draw a picture of your room as a child. It just seemed like too much work. :) ) I hope it is helping you. And I'm glad you are being well-taken care of. I think that's awesome. We all reach a point in our lives where we say "eff this" and throw our hands up in the air and stop trying to pretend that everything is OK. It's so liberating :) I think you have reached past the hard part where now, even though you may have challenges, you have help along the way. Overcoming the inertia is the hardest part, yes.

In other news, I tried to write your poem today and realized that in order to do it justice it's going to take a LONG time. So someday in the future I will have it done. ;) Thanks for an awesome suggestion!

/many hugs!
If there's any help I can contribute, I'm here to help however I can, but otherwise I'll be trusting your team - they seemed like great folks.

The partial program at McLean is supposed to be fantastic - a good balance of the focused care of inpatient, while getting to be back on familiar ground every night.

Sending you much love and good vibes.
Sending you love and hugs from me, and nuzzles from Shadow. *hug* Be well, and I think it's great that you are getting help for yourself. That is a sign of your strength right there. :)
::lots of hugs::