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led astray

January 2013

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my 2-step program

Given me by sistahraven:
Step 1) stay alive (how you manage that is up to you...you can work on improving your strategy when you get to step 2)
Step 2) everything else

I'm still working of step 1, but I'll get it down one of these days.  Step 2 looks really daunting from down here.  I reserve the right to modify the contents of step 2 at any time.  

It's been a rough week, folks.  And it isn't over.  Opening work today, class, then closing work.  Looking at an apartment on the way home.  Laundry.  CVS for new make-up for...
Tomorrow: casting call, aquarium, homework
Sunday: to Revere to look at an apartment, to rehearsal, homework

I'm out of ritalin and I don't have a doc or a scrip.  I'm tired.  I have tea and some gingeng and guarana caplets and some B supplements.  They just aren't as effective all put together as a ritalin.  But I'm going to have to learn to live without it.

"I am but mad north by northwest."  Or, you know, out of context.


::hugs:: I like the plan; deceptively simple, yet effective.
Totally - past #1, everything else is gravy. As Minnin once said, "We can replace just about everything - a home, a job, a car, clothes, food, everything. We can't replace you. Shit on your boss's desk if it will keep you alive at the end of the day."

I'll be e-mailing you back about my neuro-psych tomorrow (unless I finish the LJ catch-up spectacularly quickly). He used to practice in the city, so I can give you his contact info in case he still does. If not, he's near the end of a commuter rail in Haverhill at one of his other offices, so it's still a possibility, though inconveniently so.