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led astray

January 2013

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do what?

oh, the pain, and a movie suggestion

I'm headed to the university "wellness center" (anyone else amused at that nomenclature?) tomorrow to see if they can do anything for my headaches.  The aches have been increasing in frequency, duration, and intensity, and it royally sucks.  The old stand-by, extra strength excedrin, didn't touch it, not even with help from sudafed.  Now that's a problem.

It looks so nice out, but I know it's still below freezing.  You don't fool me, evil day star!

I looked up cures for headaches and migranes in this book I have on natural healing.  Yeah.  It basically said take a walk.  *sigh*  But yesterday the cold felt really good on my scalp, right where the headache was nesting, so that may not be a bad idea.  And it's not in the teens.  The sun is out.  It's not exceedingly windy.  There's the park around the block.  I know it will hurt to get up and get dressed and get started.  But I have to talk myself into the belief that the initial pain will fade and that it will start to feel better as I go, and that better will be better than the better of staying in bed.

Yup...lookit me go.

It is supposed to get up to 40 today...maybe by the time Scarn gets home it will have warmed up a bit and will still be sunlit and I'll have company.  He's been really understanding and gentle about the stuff I've been feeling the last few days, so send him some loving vibes.  I'm begining to recover from the worst of it.

Oh, if you're not on my Netflix friendslist, be advised; you want to see Night Watch.  It's a Russian good vs. evil modern fantasy.  It's soooo good.  And watch the subtitled version.  It's brilliant, and I don't know why no one has thought to make the subtitles as visually interesting as the rest of the movie before.  But it begs one of my favorite genre questions; what's so good about the good guys anyway?  And if you're still not convinced, the lord of the dark side pulls a sword out of his spine and kicks someone's ass with it.  And cute Russian chick in a bath.  Know what?  I could go on all day about this movie.  Just go watch it!


Hope you get well soon!

The wellness center has left me unimpressed...

by the way, check out Hellsing Ultimate (vols 1,2,3 are on netflix).
This series ROCKS. It is WAAAAAAAY better than the stuff we watched in the media lab )it actually makes sense) and it follows the books down to the minute details :-)

Re: Hope you get well soon!

Will do. Thanks!
Stupid broken DVD...
We are currently the owners of an extraneous DVD player. It's a few years old at this point (it was purchased in 2002, I believe), but it still works well.

It's yours if you would like it (we'd rather freecycle it to someone we know), I can send it your way via one of the Brighton folk.
I added Night Watch to my queue. :)

There's a headache relieving pressure point in the web of your thumb. That helps relieve my more stubborn headaches, though it takes about 10 minutes of massaging it to do so.