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led astray

January 2013

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let me clean that up

That was a big ol' wad of My Shit.  It's all stuff that is in my head.  No one did anything bad to me.  I'm just having bad feelings because there are uncomfortable changes taking place.  I was not/am not blaming anyone for any of it.  I'm just venting how I'm trying to resolve it all internally.  There turns out to be more than just one person not comfortable living with me.  So life goes on.  More brilliance happens.  More shit happens.  

I'm supposed to work until 5, then do a light hang from 6-9.  I seriously don't want to.  I have an exceptional headache.  Well, less exceptional if the timeline is narrowed to recent headaches.  Been getting bad ones more often.  Not fun.  I have a paper to write, but I believe it may not suck as badly as it should.  It's a paper where we're supposed to make up a school of lit-crit and then demonstrate its usage to the tune of Hamlet.  Well, I've got one.  I'm going to do a Xanthian critique of the characters in an attempt to uncover thier magic powers.  It was approved today in class.  Nice.


Any chance the headaches are dry-sinus related? Those usually nail me around this time of year.

And no worries - venting is venting, and it's important to do no matter how relevant it is to anyone else's point of view.
I don't think so. It actually gets worse when it's humid and rainy. That's a migrane waiting to happen. But what do I know?

Venting is important, and I want people to know what's going on with me, but it's so hard not to hurt other people's feelings while I'm doing it. Even if I explain that it's just in my head and no one did anything bad to me, some people still get defensive. But I think I did ok this time.
Wow, weird. Maybe it's a mold/mildew allergy? Sometimes those allergies can trigger headaches (even migraine-level ones)

I think you did very well this time. You stated how you were feeling right alongside the logical aspects - that you knew your emotions were bigger than you thought was rationally expected. You didn't place blame, you just got it out and acknowledged where you were coming from without committing to staying in that headspace.