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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


 I want leaps and bounds, but I guess steps will have to do.  Got some elementary recording equipment on the way to practice for my demo and got a preliminary go-ahead for some studio time that I can afford.  :-D  I'm hoping to have a disk on its way to Bethesda in a month!  Whoot!  Have headshots Sunday.  I'm revving up.

In the meantime, I'm sick yet again.  My fucking Con. score must have been drained.  Anyone have a Restoration spell in memory??  I'll knit you something!!  Speaking of which, I've been lagging.  Classes started up and it seemed like there was no time.  But I'm not in the show, so there is time, but now I'm sick and I don't know that I'll remember to wash my hands after every time I cough or blow my nose before picking the sticks back up and I don't want to pass this nonsense along to anyone else.  Ugh.


Your vomiting icon makes me laugh.

Hope you feel better though. You vomiting would be less funny.

If it makes you feel better I may have passed my head cold to several different people in PA. And I think my head cold is whatever you and Tammi have, except that I have a great CON score.

I'd trade you some CON for CHA if I could...
Woot on steps. Steps are good, even if they're smaller than you'd like them to be.

There's been rounds of illnesses sweeping through New England, taking down even some of the best CON scored folks. Here's hoping you recover quickly!