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led astray

January 2013

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words on ignorance

Feel free to sneer in my general direction today, for I am not voting.  I do not feel that I have enough information on the candidates to make an informed decision that is not soley predicated on the oppinions of those around me.  I also have a running theory about politics and how everyone in a position to even be voted for is a slimeball because you cannot get to that position by being a "good guy".  So they all suck, imho.  I admit to my own ignorance and have no real excuse for it.  I don't want it to hinder the lives of those around me.

But then I got on the bus...
This is the shuttle bus to school.  There is no reason for anyone to be on that bus except for the purpose of going to campus.  I therefore assume, incorrectly, that the people aboard are interested in educating themselves and climbing out from the murky depths of idiocy.  And today I remembered why I prefer to wear my headphones.

Two young men begin talking about the voting today because of a crier for Obama at the train station.  They go on for a minute and it's clear they don't know much more than I do about the candidates, although the assumption is that they will be voting Democrat.  It came down to this; one man would not vote for Hillary because she's old and ugly.  "If she looked like Hillary Duff, now that'd be a different story."  And that it would be a shame if she got elected because it would make our country look weak to have a female president.  For the rest of the ride I gave him the death stare.  He didn't notice. 


I want you to take that feeling you had when that guy uttered that moronic statement and hang on to it. That's what it feels like to be me any time I pay attention to popular opinion.

Anyway, while I feel it's important to vote, and be an informed voter, I respect the fact that you refuse to vote because you are NOT an informed voter. Bush got on because uniformed voters thought he was an ok cat, and we all know what a fuckup HE'S been.

But then I have to get all high school teacher-y and say that you should/should have informed yourself, so perhaps I'd better end this message soon...

Actively not voting is a choice too, however. I believe that if Hillary gets the nod, I will actively NOT vote come the general election, because she's a scumbag and the most of the frontrunning republicans are bigger scumbags.*


*McCain and Huckabee do not appear to be scumbags, just horribly, horribly wrong about where this country is and needs to go.
I'm in a similar boat to Hoyce. I'd rather the uninformed not vote, but I wish more folks would be informed.

That being said, I think you've had much more important things on your plate than reading up on political candidates! No worries.
I find a good swift kick to the crotch to be much more effective than the death stare

it renders the victim speechless and possibly stops them from reproducing - which in the case of the idiot you were listening to, it would be an added benefit ;)

After reading your post I am wondering now what can I do to inspire more people our age to inform themselves. . . I'm such a teacher
"If she looked like Hillary Duff, now that'd be a different story."

*facepalm* Man, it's no wonder the world hates us... >_<

I can *totally* relate to the sentiment of enjoying wearing headphones in public!!