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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

head up, eyes forward

Man, I'm tired.  It wasn't the stuporbowl that kept me up.  I was preparing some fleece to be spun on my new (real-live) drop spindle!  No more can lids and nails for me.  sylvanstargazer decided that was for shame and got me a real one for the winter holiday.  It's backwards from the way I had been working, as it has the short end on the bottom, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.

I didn't get cast in the show.  *sigh*  But I intend to stage manage for Fennimore and he says he wants me to assistant direct for him, so that's something.  He's going to help me get my name and face out in the area besides, so I can't begrudge him one little role in a UMass production.  I'll just be quiet and let him see for himself...

It's knitting night.  I'm making butternut bisque.  If I can stay awake that long.  And I need to do a bit more experimenting for Dude's sweater for the Hoyce.  I measured stitches per inch and then took his measurements, but I did SPI knitting stockinette, then went to the sweater in a 1-1 rib, cutting the area in half.  Dur!!  It's hard to find a good picture of the piece and I haven't been able to find a pattern.  And come to find out the pic I was going from is not the same as the pic on the box.  So I think we'll be watching The Big Lebowski tonight so I can try to get a better idea where I'm headed.  But bulky is a girl's best friend!  I was flying before I had to frog.