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led astray

January 2013

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speeding up

 I guess it's a good thing that I've been busy.  It means I've been out of bed and out of the house.  Those are improvements.

Last semester of my bachelor's degree starts Monday!  Wheee!!  But I also will have to find a place to live, a job, transportation, ect. very soon, while finishing up my degree.  It's kinda stressful, but in a way that's so big I can't see it all at once.  I guess that's good.  I should start by cleaning my room.  Yyyeah.  I need serious help and support.  I should put up some pics so you understand what a job it will be.  Scarn has promised to help.  I just have so much crap.  And not everything has a place.  I got the knitting drawers, but I still have yarn everywhere.  I still have projects I promised people that aren't finished/started.

My tea stash at work is dwindling.

I really enjoy DnD.  

Got HtM moved this weekend.  It just got colder and colder as the weekend wore on.  But the heat in his new house works well and quickly.  I'm so jealous (in a good way).  I do think his basement has bodies buried in it and needs to be cleansed by several religions just to be sure.  He has some great ideas about how to make it his own.  And he took us out to dinner and breakfast.  Mmmm, biscuits and gravy...

I have to remind myself not to get crushes on girls, especially when I have a BF.  It's hard enough finding a mutual attraction, but then there's that added akwardness of whether she's interested in the boy, or he in her, or what's ok or expected.  It's just a mess.  But she's so awsome and so pretty and fun to hang out with and just...*whistful sigh*  Ah, well.  It's still fun to flirt.


I'm definitely willing to offer up my organizing/cleaning skills. While I don't get the time to put them to much use at home, I'm good at taking a couple hours and helping folks get organized and de-cluttered. And if Druid and I both came down, there'd be someone to wrangle das bebeh should she become fuss-tastic.