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nothing important

 Back at work.  It's pretty dull.  Brought knitting.  Hopefully I'll get the new administrative password by tomorrow so I can download the Netflix viewer so I'll have some backround to my knitting.  Or I could bring DVDs.  Something.

Presents were awsome this year.  Thanks!

I've a new obsession...alpacas!!  OMG, sooooo effing cute!  And soft, warm, and hypoallergenic!  I've started spinning it on homemade drop spindles and it's terrific fun.  I went to a farm yesterday to meet some for the first time and **want**!  I wrote to ask for some of the first shear of one of the cria (babies) there.  It was like sticking my hand in 2 inches of silk velour threads.  Her name is Pumpkin Pie and I love her.  *wistful sigh*
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