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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

Sweeny Todd review (no spoilers)

The story is different from the 90's Ben Kingsley, and not just because of the musical aspect.  I won't go into details, but the ending was still suitably tragic.

A pleasant suprise, Depp had the most pleasant voice in the entire cast.  Ms. Carter did well, as did Rickman.  Everyone else needed a gag.  Somewhere along the line, someone neglected to tell the musical director the difference between a soprano and a brillo pad on a chalkboard before he hired the actress playing Joanna.  There were about 4 decent songs, two of which were memorable enough to be called good.  And I really expected more dialogue.  I know it's a musical, but don't they normally have SOME dialogue between songs?

Now, I love Burton.  And I can see how he thought some realism would be important as far as the ammount of blood that would spurt from the cutting open of arteries.  He went a bit overboard with respect to the orange color, the garden hose method, and the repetition of the scene with different extras.  It became comical.  Maybe that was what he was going for, but I found that it detracted from the scene, unlike other comical moments which added depth.

It's worth seeing once, but not purchasing.  And if you must see it in the theatre, see a matinee and save yourself a few bucks.  From this cast and crew, I expected something more.