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led astray

January 2013

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Don't Use Delta Airlines!!!!!

The short version:
Traveling on public transportation in general gives me the willies.  Spending 11 hours in the airport, failing to get where I want to go, and having my luggage get partway there doesn't help this feeling of dread.  Follow that up with lots of expense to cover meds for the few days until the rescheduled flight and the subsequent cancellation of rescheduled flight, out of interim meds and doc on vacation.  And then interruption of alone time for at home roomie, expressed in an unfortunate moment.  It's been a long week and I would like to get back to the normalcy of winter blahs.

The plane to Tampa, with connecting flight to Tallahassee leaves at 8am.  I'm a considerate and thoughtful traveler, so I arrive at the airport via taxi at 6.  Lines, blah blah, security, blah blah.  Ok, wait.  Board plane.  Hey, the seat next to me is empty, more room, wheee!!  8am.  Announcment that we will be delayed about an hour because we are 9th in line to have plane de-iced.  Groans.  9am.  Deboarded.  It's taking longer than anticipated to deice the planes.  Go eat something and we'll make an announcement when we're ready to reboard.  Time comes when new friend and I realise we're going to miss our connecting flight.  We get reassigned.  Go to next gate.  Will be later in the day, but we'll till get there, right?  Wrong.  Flight is delayed.  Going to miss the second connecting flight.  I call sis to ask if she can pick me up in Ft. Lauderdale.  Am informed that it's a 6 hour drive, can I get another flight to someplace closer.  Ok.  Back to Tampa on a later flight.  Tampa flight supposed to leave at 3:30.  Board says it's on time at gate 22.  Fantastic.  Get to gate.  Realise that planes from 7am are still not boarded all around me.  Stand in line.  Notice that origional 8am flight to Tampa companions are still sitting there...at gate 22...where the 3:30 flight is supposed to be.  It's now 3pm.  Something is amiss.  3:45, 8am flight is announced to be canceled.  Mothers holding babies crying.  Small dogs in carriers whiing because they haven't been allowed out all day to walk, pee, or eat for 10 hours.  There is one poor man working the desk and 2 pissed off planes worth of people yelling at him, because now the board says the 3:30 plane is leaving at 6:45, but I don't buy it.  I decide I need to go.  Sis calls and gets me rescheduled for Sunday flight.  I call my doc, get an emergency 3 days of Paxil.  Also got a refill on my birth control.  They are both "too early" for my insurance to cover them, so I pay full price.  That and the covered (minus copay for namebrand) Lamictal comes to effing $75.  But I need my meds.  Oh, and luggage got on the last flight to Tampa I was supposed to get on, which took off an hour earlier than posted...while I was waiting in line to ask for it back thanks.  I was told it would meet me in Tallahassee Sunday.  Fine.  In tears, I get a cab and go the fuck home.

Yesterday.  I go to airport.  Sit, wait.  Plane is delayed due to mechanical trouble.  20 minutes.  No problem.  Then 3 hours.  er...then cancelled.  Canceled because the mechanism that deices the wings isn't functioning properly...but it's 50 fucking degrees and has been for several hours, so I just don't buy it.  By now, I am ripshit.  I get on the phone and demand other flights and free upgrades to first class.  On the phone back and forth with my sister who is also on the phone with them.  My cell dies.  Did I metion I packed my charger too?  Phone dies while my sister and I are sharing a cry because it's looking like I won't make it and she misses me and the tickets aren't refundable.  I talk to 3 different people for an hour.  I get a refund.  I sit on the floor and cry.  People see me and turn away, uncomfortable.  I call Eric and beg for a ride home.  He comes to get me.  Turns out he was relly looking forward to some alone time since the rest of us were suposed to be away.  And his not-girlfriend is comming down and it makes him uncomfortable to have us both there...and I'm pretty upset.  I may have over-reacted, but I called sylvanstargazer and relayed the story and asked for a place to crash for a few days until the man gets back from Texas, when I will then go spend the rest of the vacation with him.  I will need more meds at $5/day, and I think my doc is on vacation.  Emailed the people about the luggage because I spent an hour yesterday trying to get a human on the line and failed.  This way I have a trail I can use if it becomes necessary later.  The problem is that I kinda need it yesterday and the post office is closed tomorrow, so even if it were shipped today via overnight, it won't get here until Wednesday and I'll probably have to pay out the ass for expidited shipping.
So happy effing holiday and merry whatever you celebrate.  This agnostic would like to crawl under a rock until it's all over.


Well, for pity's sake, it's not like you ran into one obstacle and gave up, you went through airport hell so Eric can just suck it up and deal. Sheesh.

Did you end up having to spend so much on meds because yours were packed in your luggage? If so, I'd save every receipt and send an invoice to the airline for a refund. So totally yes.

*big hugs* I hope you manage to find some rest in the next few days. Much love.
Thanks, hun. I'm hanging at sylvanstargazer's until Caleb get back Wednesday. Im just fried. Hope your christmas is calm. Thanks for the hugs. I need them.

Does this mean you are spending X-mas alone? 'cuz if so my plans aren't set in stone and you are family...Gimmie a ring if you get this in time.

Also, if you like I will make the call to the airlines to get your luggage back. In fact, pretty much any dealing you have to have with them I'll do the actual interacting if you don't want to deal with them.
I'm at Beth's for a few days. My cell is dead.
I wouldn't mind dealing with them if I could get anyone to actually deal with!
How utterly craptastical. :( So sorry to hear it!!!!!!! I hope you feel better soon, more relaxed, and get to have some peace and quiet for a while. /hugs!
Thanks. (((hug)))
:::big hugs:: Sending you lots of love. Here's hoping the post-X-mas time will be significantly better.