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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


 I am staying in this area after graduation.  I am not going off to grad school just yet.  There is work to be had up here and networking being done and I feel optimistic about having the work thing working soon.  I do need a few tools of the trade that are a bit pricy, but I believe that tax refund this year will take care of most of it.  I'll have to also live someplace cheaper and get a *gulp* vehicle of some kind.  I'm thinking Rhode Island.  It's only about an hour to Boston, but with much more reasonable living expences.  The thing I have to work out is whether the price of gas/commuting will counter the cheaper rent.  A very real worry these days.

I had a great weekend in CT.  It was quiet and yummy.

Got up this morning and did a bit of Bonsai maintainance.  They are doing well.  I left the wire on too long, so there are a couple of bark scars, but they will grow out and won't harm actual growth.  I have one (Ruth) suspended in the pot at an interesting angle with some creative string work to help the trunk grow at the angle I'm going for so I don't have to run the risk of wiring too hard.  I should take pictures.

I'll catch up on LJ commenting later.  Fingers are geting cold and I think it may be naptime.


I was also looking into Portland, since there is a train from there to Boston. In the end, working full-time it was far too painful since I'd have to be on the train at 6:30 or so each morning. But it might be something to look at, certainly.
Ahh, the actor's life for me. Rarely would 6:30AM be happening to me. :-)
The commute from Attleboro into Boston is a tough one - the horrors of it depend on when you need to be in Boston.

To give you a scale of the gas consumption, when I worked in JP and lived in Attleboro, I went through a 1/4 tank of gas per day with the 80 miles roundtrip I traveled. And that was with a small car. Overall, I broke even with money - $700/mo rent, but a good $150-200 of gas each month. And the commuter rail passes were about the same amount of money per month :P

But, the pace that far south is much slower, which was really nice. And the area is pretty. Even though it didn't save me much money, and the car repairs were expensive from the long miles... I'd still do it again if I had to.