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led astray

January 2013

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if you knit and you know it, clap your hands

So the all day knit hats for charity thing was kind of a bust.  I managed one hat.  The ends aren't even woven in, and it needs adjustments.  It's probably because I started with the most complicated pattern idea I had, which was just silly.

I got the malabrigo I ordered from www.jimmybeanswool.com (go there!!) on Saturday.  I ordered it Thursday afternoon.  I wrote them a happy customer email.  They not only replied, the sent my email around their office, then sent me another email asking if they could post my letter on their feedback page.  

Got yet another comission from the bossman for a hat for his son.  Striped blues, greens, black, with an embroidered Dark Side of the Moon logo.  Well, what a perfect opportunity to try out a self-striping yarn!  I love Malabrigo, but it just doesn't stripe.  So I am going with Noro Silk Garden in one of their new color combos.  I'm excited to work with it.  It has been one of those 'someday' yarns for a while.  Now to find embroidery floss and practice.

I'm so tired today I don't even feel like knitting the beautiful, bulky Malabrigo in front of me.  It's a sad day.  And I forgot to bring my fingerless gloves, so my fingers are all cold and uncomfortable.  Speaking of which, I remade my niece's hat and it's just awaiting some embelishments.  I also knit my sister a pair of fingerless gloves, but I don't know if she'll get them.  I want those puppies!  But I think I have enough of that skein for another pair, so she's lucky.  :-P

Pics soon.  Anyone beta testing Ravelry, I'm there as Issy.

Time for tea.


I've got *PLENTY* of embroidery floss at the house. Dark Side of the Moon... black, white/silver, red yellow, green, blue, purple... I think I can do most if not all of those. Missing orange though but i can look around my *finished* projects and see what left over stuff I have that I don't remember offhand.

Sweet, thanks!

Hey, you knit SOMETHING. That is an accomplishment. :)